Pick up item with mouse ( Diablo 3 like )

Hello im following this videos ( Create a Crafting & Inventory system in Unreal Engine 4 Pt 2: Pickup logic & Add Items to Inventory - YouTube ) and everything works as I want to except the pickup system, I managed to make it work but its not what I want.

I want a diablo3 like system, left click moves to target and gets object. Now no matter where I am I get the object.

This is what I want:

The problems is inside the coment on the next image, I appreciate any help, im no programmer im a 3D artist and this is very hard to me :D.

Important note, its a topdown project.

Why don’t you just get a reference to the (clickable) item on floor and move character to it’s location instead?!
Also I’m pretty sure Diablo 3 uses a path finder system on characters, so I’m not sure what exactly you want to do with this blueprint graph above.