Pick up delay/timer


Im in the middle of doing the last tweeks on my 2nd mod. Really happy with it all and looks great, im really exited to finally release it as its taken a lot of time to get to the stage i am at now.
Unfortunately I have hit a brick wall and can not find the answers anywhere online. How do I add pick up delay/timers for my items (like when i press ‘E’ to pick up have a 5 second delay before it actually picks up?
another issue I have is with some gates I made, I made them larger and changed snap points (based on a door but does not require a frame). the open/close option is stuck on the bottom corner of the gate, how do I move that option to the middle or give it a larger radius without moving or enlarging the gates? really tried everything and starting to bald from pulling my hair out!!

Thanks in advance guys.

Check out this thread

You sir ar amazing, thank you so much. i managed to do this really easily after looking at it. thank you so much!