PICK-UP an object, positioned in front of camera and rotated

Hello to Everyone, my question may be an easy topic for most of you…but i’m not a programmer XD
To avoid so much words, I post a video when is showed what i want to do. :slight_smile:
( exactly at 2:15 minutes)

pick up an object … posizionate in front of the camera ( with DOP ) , stop all player movement and action, activate command for rotate and ( in case ) interact with object… after all the object will be posizionate exactly where it was.

can Anyone help me?
a tutorial?
an old post?


thank you in advance ( and sorry for my bad english )

thank you, but it’s not what i’m looking for… or maybe, can i use this video as a “BASE” and try to modificate something I need?
i don’t need physics… just want put and object in front on camera and rotate it ( or/and interact with it ).

obviously not only an object … but a series of objects that are part of a group of “PICKUP INTERFACE” blueprint.