Pick Streaming Method

In my levels window when I right click a sub-level I do not have a “streaming method” option in my context menu. Has this changed in 4.10?

Hi Demonicated,

From what I can see in 4.10.1 and 4.11 this has not changed. The only level that does not allow streaming is the persistent level.

Can you try this in a new blank project and see if you’re seeing the same results there?

Thank you!


I will try that when I get back to the office. This was a side scrolled 3D template to start. Does that make a difference?

Worked in a new game. Dont really understand why it wasnt working - turn it off and then on again actually worked…

You have to turn off World Composition and add any levels you want to stream to the persistent level through the Levels panel. Once done, you will see the streaming mode options in the context menu.

For something like a 2D Side Scroller it may be more useful to use Level Streaming Volumes. There isn’t a lot of documentation, or really, any that I could find, but there is a good example in the Content Examples project available from the Learn tab in the Epic Games Launcher. That example should be pretty easy to follow and see how it’s working.

World Composition is better used for large open worlds that need to go for kilometers in any distance. World Composition can make that an easier task by aligning the landscape tiles more easily.