Pick random Actor Blueprint, Spawn it, Lerp along defined path [Paper2D]


I want to spawn four actors from an array in a horizontal line underneath the scene of my game, and they will rise up into the scene and continue up and out of the scene using Lerp (BP below). Three of the actors should be the same, and one should be different and appear in either the first, second, third, or fourth position of the horizontal line (this will determine where the other three will get spawned).

For now I’ve created a sample of what this would look like by just creating four copies of a single actor blueprint, placing them in the world in a line, and added the following code to each of them.

In my world I’ve also placed four pairs of points, “pointA1” through “pointA4” and “pointB1” through “pointB4”. They’re just actors that define the beginning (pointA1) and end (pointB1) of the Lerp path for each spawned actor. If you look at the screenshot I have variables that are set to public in which I manually define the start point (pointA) and the end point (pointB) of each actor that I want to rise up.

If I plan on having the game randomly spawn actors using the current blueprint code, how would I have it set these variables to be pointA1 and pointB1, or pointA3 and pointB3, etc? I’m not sure that this is the correct way to build this. I’m still incredibly new to Unreal Engine so I apologize if I’ve missed something obvious or have left anything out.