PhysXLab and Maya

I am trying to get a bridge destruction simulation from Maya to work.

I wanted to destroy the mesh in PhysXLab and then import it back to Maya to attach bones and bake simulation (like EPIC guys did with Elemental Demo).

But I can’t get .apb or any other format back to Maya (even though I have PhysXLab Maya plugin installed).

Anyone knows how to properly fracture mesh inside Maya maybe (solid shatter is really buggy).

Hey Cruddynight,

I use 3Ds Max so I don’t have an exact answer for Maya, but maybe this will help.

For my use, I have just used a simple Voronoi fracture script and then simulated my destruction that is baked to the timeline in Max. I’m sure there is possibly a script or plugin that can be grabbed for free to fracture your mesh.

When you need to export your mesh from Maya there is no need for bones either. You can just simulate the destruction and bake it out. Then group the chunks and import into UE4 as a skeletal mesh.

Here’s a basic tutorial for Max that I did that may be helpful:

Seems like a good idea. Just to use another version of voronoi fracture script.

Thank you. That helps.