PhysXLab and Blender problem


I wanted to try out Apex destruction so I downloaded PhysXLab from and ran right into the first problem.

I did export a simple cube from Blender to FBX and after importing into PhysXLab it doesn t show up. I got no error message that the import failed either.

Does anyone else face this problem? I use physXLab 3.3.1 and Apex 1.3.1 if that is of any help.

Thx you for your help

ok just tried this and your not going to like it, it does work but there’s an issue somewhere
i created a 10x10x1 block in blender
export as fbx
import into ue4.9.1 size check = 10m x10m x 1m
import into Physlab create destucable export as apb
import into ue size check = 10cm x10cm x 1cm

What version of Blender did you use ?

Did you assign any materials to the cube ?

When working with blender you need to scale the mesh up x 100 in order to import it to UE4.

My problem is, that I can t import the mesh into PhysXLab at all, atleast it doesn t show the mesh in PhysXLab.

I found the problem which is related with my german name which contains a ü and unfortunately I did use this as account name on Win7 :frowning:
I ad similar issues with other programs that aren’t compatible with german special characters in the past.

The solution was to move the models folder from where I import the meshes to a folder that does not contain special characters in its path.

Thank you for your help