PhysX support

Can we still use PhysX? I still have code that requires it and i see that is still present in the unreal code base, but im getting a lot of compile erros about PhysX and the PHYSICS_INTERFACE_PHYSX=1 is no longer the case

You can still use it, however you need to get the source of UE5 and Add the PhysX addition and compile it as a custom UE5 build.

Is it really possible to do that in UE 5.2? How difficult is it to do?
I have never yet compiled UE from source. Any good online resource to add PhysX to UE5? Thank you!

Its pretty hard and just getting harder as the engine removes bits/pieces that were meant to work with PhysX.

Not aware of any guide, for the most part you dont need it.
You compile, an error gets flagged, you go figure out how to fix it.

If you only run the engine off a custom build, should the engine crash youll have the debugger plinting you to the right spot.

Obviously eventually you will need to launch the executable engine as a stenadalone too (because perfomance checks can really do without the extra load), but after a couple of months or so you should have a fairly stable build…

The harder things to do are the more valuable ones, like hooking in nvidia Gameworks or similar…

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