Physx doesn't offer free iOS, so....?

On Physx own page, they offer free commercial usage on Windows, OSX, Linux and Android, but explicitly not on iOS. I can’t confirm yet if that will continue to be true for independent licensing (PhysX in a non UE4 product), so I must confirm here:

Is the inclusion of PhysX in Unreal 4.x somehow licensed on iOS under the UE4’s license (ie 5% royalty), or will indie developers targeting iOS with UE4 have an issue with NVidia at some point?

Your use of PhysX as provided by Epic in your Unreal Engine product is not platform-limited; you can use it with iOS.

I was wondering where to find the EULA that Physx is shipped with in UE4, could you post a link please?

It doesn’t have a separate license when used in UE4; use of it is included in the EULA itself.