PhysX Destruction Questions

Hey Semaphore,

Dynamically fracturing is something that is on the list to work towards eventually, but has not been done yet. You can follow any updates here: Trello

The second is deformable mesh simulation, but currently isn’t support that I’m aware of. I did find this on Nvidia’s site:

I’ve reached out to a couple of the devs that work with this code to see if they are aware of anything regarding this directly.

Thanks Tim,

Sounds good and I am looking forward to hear back on deformables when you get an update.

Regarding trello, I noticed that all features related to Physics seem to be on Backlog at the moment. Is there a team dedicated for physics in the engine that is actively working on those or is it a task for the rendering or programming team?

omg its 2010 and physics better then in UE4, so question why epic don’t use havok? or how long we need wait to achieve this like functionality(i think goal is get minimum all HL2 physics ability and some stuff from 2015), because for now physic is horrible

I absolutely love the wood destruction in the video (wood chips on the edges) is there a way to get destruction based on materiál type in UE? Right now, from my short tests, it all look like destroying pieces of stone or ceramics.

There is a team dedicated to this as part of their responsibilities, but this is no limited to simply Physics.

Since PhysX 3 does not currently support deformables there is no plan to implement this ourselves at the moment. At the moment priorities will lean toward Destruction, Cloth, Hair/Fur, Fluids, and so on.