PhysX clothing not colliding

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I’m using the PhysX clothing modifier in 3DS Max and have managed to get the clothing to collide and react with the players legs. When I press simulate and move the legs, the skirt reacts to the Kinematics rig’s collisions as it should. However, when I import the character into UE4, the characters legs go through the skirt and do not collide with it, but the skirt still reacts the wind. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

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Sounds like your Mesh not have a collition setup right now.

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I have checked the collisions in both 3ds max and unreal and they both seem to have the correct collisions in place. I have added the screenshots of the collision setup in both programs to see if they can help aid my explanantion

Greetings, I only work in Maya, but what does your physx export settings look like? In maya I had to tick “include collision rig” or all collision would be ignored in ue4.