PhysX Cloth Problem in UE4

So I’ve been having a problem with my PhysX Cloth mesh where it looks fine in Maya. But when I import the APEX file it into UE4 the cloth looks splotchy and not smooth looking. I followed these tutorials and I made sure that each mesh has its own material. Does anyone know what is the problem?

Physx Cloth playing in ue4… looks splotchy

Physx Cloth in ue4 editing mode

Physx Cloth in Maya

Dont think if this will help at all, but ive had the same problems as you, but when i found out the new engine version (4.16) came with cloth tools in the engine. I kinda gave up on doing it in maya and and just wen full on in the engine. It saved me alot of time.

If you want to try it download the 4.16 preview and activate the “Cloth Tools” in the experimental menu. Since i kinda gave up doing it in Maya after I started using the inenginge route, i cant realy come with any more tips on the issue, sorry if i wasted your time.

Oh thanks! you totally did not waste my time! I tried using the “Cloth Tools” in the 4.16 preview. I’m having problems figuring out how to make the collisions or ragdolls for the cloth. Any ideas?

Just going to assume you assigned a physicsAsset to the cloth piece when you created it, so this is just going from there:
Go to the physics asset you assinged to the clothpiece, the “lumps” in that asset belong to the diffrent bones are what the cloth collides with, but a little warning, I have to delete and recreate the cloth piece in UE4 for the changes ive done to the physics asset to set in.
This might be a bug at my end, but it took me WAY to long to realise that this was the issue. :slight_smile:

Just an image…for clearity :wink:

In the experimental version of the tools that’s correct the physics asset has it’s bodies extracted at creation time. When the tools move out of experimental this will be fixed so that the asset updates on the fly.

Sweet, the clothing tools in the engine is a feature i realy love, thanks alot for adding this sweat little candy feature :slight_smile: