PhysX/Apex problems

** - Software; Maya2017, PhysX 3.4.0, UE4 4.15.1-**

I’m having some pretty tedious problems with the current versions of Nvidia PhysX 3.4.0 and Unreal engine 4.15.1

To quickly describe my problem: the cape/cloth mesh goes bananas when I import it into unreal engine 4.

I’ll provide you with 2 videos, one showcasing the result in maya, and one in Unreal.



Zip file with the Apx and Maya scene;

I’ve been searching for a fix and my eyes are starting to bleed. The materials have different IDs, and I’m pretty much mimicking every setting that every tutorial or forum that I’ve come across has suggested.

Any help would be appreciated!

Best regards, Joakim