PhysX 5.0

At least Nvidia announce PhysX 5.0 (here you can read something about it:…physx-sdk-5-0/). How long will it take to integrate after release? Will it integrate? I’ve read UE4 uses currently PhysX 3.3.

Hmm… Epic is developing their own physics libs it seems.
Not sure if we are going to get physx 5, I hope they do implement it anyway :slight_smile:

Yes, I hope that they integrate it too. Especially because PhysX 5.0 provides liquid simulations.

PhysX 5 is not even released yet. I am certainly waiting for it…

I am also very interested in a PhysX update to v5.x for Unreal. Since Unreal currently uses Physx 3.3 and the newer PhysX versions probably perform better and provide a lot more stability. At least that’s what the Nvidia demos show.

Also… the vehicle physics need a serious update. They behave really weird ( not physically correct ) most of the time.

We need PhysX 5 to be released first though! I am watching GitHub - NVIDIAGameWorks/PhysX: NVIDIA PhysX SDK, but nothing happens…

I am soooooo hyped for liquid simulations on Physx 5!!! If Epic haven’t developed their own fluid-simulation system yet, I REALLY HOPE they at least integrate Nvidia’s solution! Also, JangaFX want to release LiquiGen for fluid simulations (as alternative, also real-time)! Fluid simulations is the ONLY part which is missing for truly bring game world to life!

Is there still no integration? Happy to get any advice on how to get PhysX 5 to work with Unreal Engine. Thx