PhysX 3.3

Does anyone have any idea when Unreal will get PhysX to work in 4.4.3(4.5,4.6, etc)? Works great in UDK. If Unreal would get PhysX to work in UE4 I would pay my rent for the next release. The destructible mesh function in UE4 is not the same as in UDK. The one in UDK has more capabilities.

PhsyX 3.3 is being used in the editor currently.

You have to remember that Unreal Engine 4 has only been publicly released for about 6 months whereas UE3/UDK has been developed over many years. There is new functionality being added and developed. This is mentioned that improvements will be made as listed on our UE4 Roadmap Trello board.

For the most control you’ll still want to use PhysX Labs for the setup of your Destructible Mesh.

Thank you!

, the movies on Nividi’s site do not fit the versions of Physx. Thus, I am unable to get Physx Lab to work in UE4. No problem with UDK. UE4 DM does not have the “fix isolated chunks” parameter. Take look at this movie . It is 2 months old and seems to work. Are you good with Physx lab, you should be able to knock out a movie using Plysx lab to create a mesh and then load it into UE4. And setup the parameters.

, if you will create a movie using PhysX(all the features) in UE4, I will send you a check for $19.)