PhysicsConstraint not fully working?

Hello there!
I’ve been playing around a bit with the PhysicsConstraint component and I’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong on some of the point or soemthing is not working as it should.
I know CHAOS is around the corner so im guessing things like this will be replaced with counterparts or new assets, but anyway i just feel like i have to ask on here anyway xD.

So when creating a PhysicsConstraint between two objects it dosen’t seem like the mass of the objects matter. Overriding the mass of the mesh seem to do nothing, while instead the size of the object seem to change the mass and how the PhysicsConstraint behaves. Makes sense as I Guess it creates a physics body of the object and just lets the size deside the mass. Kinda livable for the most part =/ Unless like in my situation you want to have a charcter hanging from a rope, then for example it seem to make the wheight be for example the wheight of the neck and not the whole character in it self. The limbs momentum still inflikt movement but the wheight on the physics seem wrong. (correct me here if im wrong.)

Another problem I’m having is the use of soft constraint… Does the variables for Stiffness and Damping (specifically in the Angulat Limit Section) work right now? I can see turning soft constraint on change how the PhysicsConstraint behaves and it seem right. But changing the values for Stiffness and Damping seem to do nothing to me =/. In the doc (…ion/index.html) it says that setting stiffness to like 50000 will make all movement deflect (more spring like). But I see no difference between having stiffness at 0.000001 and 1000000 =/. I thought it was something with setting the a loweer Swing limit or a higher Contact Distance but don’t seem like it.

Please tell me if im doing something wrong =P
My Project is runnning on UE 4.24 btw.