PhysicsConstraint Angular limitation

Trying to setup a simple door, but stuff seems to be off of what it should be.

What I want to get:


I made a Blueprint consisting of the cube (StaticMesh), the door (StaticMesh) and the constraint.
Here is the Door:

Here is the constraint:

And the result:


Seems ok to me this far.
Now setting the angle to 90Deg:

See next post (5 image limit)

will result in:


everything is fine till now. To get the wanted rotation I add 90Degree offset:

But the result is:


Seems wrong to me. Setting the offset to -90Degree works for me, but the result is different from what is shown by the ConstraintComponent.

It is also very difficult to understand what is rotating around what, cause rotating the constraint round its axis does not always affect the result. Taking the door as example, rotating the constraint around its Z-Axis does not change anything.

It seems the pivot of the door is rotating around the location of the constraint. The X-Axis of the constraint represents the connection of the constraint to the object. Is that correct?

Hi Rumbleball,

Thanks for the report. I can see how that can be confusing. I have created JIRA UE-39897 for the issue and our developers will be investigating further. You can follow that link to monitor the status of the issue and please feel free to vote.