I’m looking to find out how to create objects that move when you bump them. I seem to recall seeing a video on this site where boxes were stacked and when a pawn bumped into it the boxes would fall to the ground. Its very likely that my searches are coming up empty because I’m not using the proper terminology. Can anyone point me toward the information on how to accomplish this, explain it to me, or, if its a marketplace blueprint (possible) link me.

Thanks in advance



If I’m wrong about the existence of this capability please tell me this also.

Hi Wrangler,

Unless I am miss-understanding your question, I think it is just a case of enabling physics on the blueprint actor? This can be done in the blueprint details pane.
If I am in-fact miss-understanding, please do say and I am sure we can figure out what you need.


Sorry its late…

What I’m looking to accomplish.

Character walks into a room. He bumps into a table that has glasses on it. I’m looking to find out how to make the table nudge and the glasses fall.
Character walks down a filthy alley. As he steps through trash he bumps a stack of boxes and they fall over.

I’m thinking that this capability would be very useful and that it should be available.

Hi Wrangler,
Not a problem.

I suspect that all you have to do is tick the ‘Simulate Physics’ box on the static mesh component of the blueprint actor.


If you open the relevant blueprint, then navigate to your Static Mesh Component, i.e your glass, and then tick the ‘Simulate Physics’ checkbox, this should [all going well] now allow the glass to be affected by collisions.

Hope the above helps,

Thanks! I’ll give this a shot after 4-5 hours of sleep. I’ve been searching on and off for a few days and it was beginning to annoy me. This seems pretty straight forward. Would you mind if I contact you if I need a little clarification.


I just wanted to touch back with you to let you know it worked perfectly. I had some trouble with a pre-made textured object (a crate) but I haven’t kicked it around enough to rule out that I missed something.