Physics worse than expected

I tried Unreal because I thought the physics stuff would run way better than Unity. However, it seems like both Unreal physics engines are broken. If you bump into a crowbar, it goes haywire. If you bump into a cardboard box, it moves normally. People report this bug, and it wont fix. Then why does it work perfectly fine in Unity? Same PhysX in both engines I thought… :S

Sorry if I sound like a noob, but how do you stop the player from shaking like crazy when he stands on an item anyway? It looks like the developers of Hello Neighbor 2 found a solution for it; what do you guys think it might be?

That probably has nothing to do with physics and everything to do with how you’ve constructed your rigs and assets.

Actually, it’s the exact opposite. I’m using the First Person template, and the only things I added are 3 differently-sized rectangular prisms. With mass automatically calculated, the smallest one flies through the air like a feather when it weight a full kilogram. It reacts much more realistically in Unity, so are Unreal Engine’s force and weight systems just completely faulty?

The problem is actually in the default Mannequin setup. Make the collider Spectator and the mesh PhysicsActor and it works like a charm. (sigh) I hate it when the solution is so obvious.