Physics with attached actors. The gravity of attached actor fails to impact player-pawn

New user here. hello all.

I have battled with this a bit and haven’t found solution with searches.

Question: What am I doing wrong when the weight (gravity) of attached actor doesn’t impact the player pawn (simulated VTOL aircraft)

I have physics driven Player pawn, and aircraft called PlayerCraft. In its BP I spawn a tool, Winch (plan on having many other tools too). I attach the newly spawned actor to the player pawn and the winch follows more or less nicely.
The winhc itself has Root (scene component), WinchBase (the top parts, a static mesh), PhysicsConstraint, WinchMagnet (the bottom part, static mesh)
Last bit supposedly hanging from a cable that doesn’t exist yet.

There is no impact in my ability to take off and accelerate vertically - no matter how heavy I make the WinchMagnet hanging in there. What am I doing wrong?

any tips and guidance would be helpful.