Physics Thrusters [Need Help] [Beginner]

Hi, I am trying to use the Physics Thrusters for the first time and I can’t really find anything on them. Not sure if I’m just terrible at looking or if theres just little info on them and how to properly use them. Currently I am trying to make my Spaceship thruster forward. I have a Thrust Strength Float variable and my ship forward axis event. I am then multiplying the axis value by 1000 and plugging it in to the thrust strength with the target as the Physics thruster. Any clue how to actually make this work? Thank you.

The first rule of physics thrusters is, don’t talk about physics thrusters.

Naw, I don’t know what it is that makes info about them so hard to get. What I have seen is they are pretty weak in force unless set to incredible values (100,000+?)

Impressive feat there, BizaaroGrodd- you necroed a three-year-old post! :open_mouth: Please try to avoid doing so in the future unless necessary.

Thanks! :slight_smile: