Physics Thrusters Blueprint?

Hi, I’m new to UE4 Blueprints. Learning little by little so excuse my lack of terminology. I have been messing around with simple blueprints like turning on lights and opening doors, and so on. Just baby steps. I came across a component called Physics Thrusters while pocking around and was wondering if someone can give me a few Blueprint examples to get it working on say a cube. I was reading the docs but it’s not very clear for a noob like me.

*1.4 Thrusters *
*"Physics Thrusters are a special physics Actor you can place in the editor and then parent to a physically simulating object, making said object receive the force from the thruster. The thrust propels the Physics Thruster in its Negative X direction, or looking at it another way, the Positive X axis of the thruster is the “exhaust of a jet engine.”

1- How do I parent to a physically simulating object?
2- How do I draw up the Blueprint for it?
3- How do I activated it and fire it up to see it in action?
4- Can I make a hovercraft with this?

Thanks in advance. *

1 - Inside your blueprint, if your mesh allows physics parent to it, if not add a “scene” component and make it the root, or add a static mesh and parent it to it.

2 - In your event graph for your vehicle or pawn, drag and drop the thrusters or just search thruster and find your named thruster and choose toggle active and you can hook that to a button.

3 - You can auto activate it in the viewport settings and drag n drop in the world stage and see it work, or solution 2 can make it work.

4 - Yes, in THEORY, it should work out, but if what you seek is ground effect levitation like a small bit above the ground but follows the ground, then perhaps you need this method?

Your insight is valuable, and we appreciate your contribution to the community, but please avoid necroing posts in the future. :slight_smile: