Physics Thrusters Blueprint?

Hi, I’m new to UE4 Blueprints. Learning little by little so excuse my lack of terminology. I have been messing around with simple blueprints like turning on lights and opening doors, and so on. Just baby steps. I came across a component called Physics Thrusters while pocking around and was wondering if someone can give me a few Blueprint examples to get it working on say a cube. I was reading the docs but it’s not very clear for a noob like me.

*1.4 Thrusters *
*"Physics Thrusters are a special physics Actor you can place in the editor and then parent to a physically simulating object, making said object receive the force from the thruster. The thrust propels the Physics Thruster in its Negative X direction, or looking at it another way, the Positive X axis of the thruster is the “exhaust of a jet engine.”

1- How do I parent to a physically simulating object?
2- How do I draw up the Blueprint for it?
3- How do I activated it and fire it up to see it in action?
4- Can I make a hovercraft with this?

Thanks in advance. *