Physics Thruster, how to use?

hello I have some questions regarding the physics thruster component that you can add to the player. I looked in the manual and I could not find any information on how to use it . And on the forums there are several posts in which people asked for help on how to use the thruster but nobody answered . Basically I want to know how to add force with the thruster component . That’s all it’s relatively simple. If I have overlooked something please forgive me for writing about it . thank you and I hope somebody can help me.

It’s very simple. If you look at the details of your physics thruster component you will see it has a “Thrust Strength” variable. Just set that variable in your blueprint to whatever you want it to be.

Okkkay, I see alot more than just that and don’t really know how to interact and customize this. ugh well ok what can you do, its free after all I suppose.

If you’re new to blueprints you should look at the sticky thread in this forum section, it has links to a bunch of good basic tutorials.

If you add a thruster component to your blueprint and click on it, this is what your details panel will look like:


Change that number to whatever you like for the thruster to apply a constant force. As it says in the physics thruster tooltip, you point its X axis in the direction you want it to thrust.

Something like this is all you have to do to thrust something forward and back:


Thanks for the info, I’m not a newbie, but when I try new things, its hard for me to understand them without a good amount of documentation. Thanks guys that’s helpful!