Physics Thruster Components Do Nothing

After searching for a way to build a hovering vehicle, I came across [this][2], which suggested the used of physics thrusters. However, no matter what I do to them, they seemingly will not do anything. My vehicle just drops to the ground. I have them set to auto-activate, I’ve set the strength ridiculously high, I’ve rotated them pretty much every direction (The documentation seems to contradict itself on what direction it needs to be pointed.), can someone help figure out what I am doing wrong?

Hello @Renkin42,

First I want to say that I found this [post][1] to be really helpful during my experimenting.

It looks like you have everything set up correctly, the only thing I am not sure of is whether or not you have parented your mesh and thrusters correctly. Make sure that your physics thrusters are children of the static mesh you are trying to move. In other words, the static mesh you are trying to move must be the parent to your physics thrusters. I included a screenshot of the successful setup I used to do my experiments below.


I hope this answer helps you out,