Physics Substepping on android?

Hiya guys

It seems we don’t have substepping on mobile - but is anyone aware of why this is?

I just had a quick look at the source ( looking mostly at bAllowSubstepping and bSubstepping ) but am still not sure.

My assumption is that it is just disabled to give a better chance of good performance, and that it should be easy enough to enable… but perhaps I am wrong?

Could anyone provide any more insight?

As far as I’m aware it is just disabled by default. You can enable it; we do this for the vehicle template.

Hmm, Any details on how to do this? When I launch on android, i have no substepping - despite it working in PIE and mobile preview mode

Engine Programmer Ori Cohen once mentioned that physics sub-stepping is not supported on a mobile device.
But that was 3 years ago, so I don’t know. Maybe they changed that.

If you successfully enabled sub-stepping on a mobile device, please let me know. I’m having trouble with that as well.

No luck with 4.16.

Given what Chris Babcock said above, I feel I may be missing something easy(like a mobile specific setting for substepping) but as it stands I’ve not got working substepping on mobile, or at least the physics seems that way.

I’ve gotten distracted by making my game work well on desktop, doing tasks that are vital for release and not looked into this as much as I should have.

Will report back when I have a deeper look (unless someone else comes up with a definitive answer first)

Could this be why my ragdolls freak out like theyre on a hot griddle on mobile but act perfect on desktop?

[USER=“11153”]Chris Babcock[/USER] any sub-stepping update for mobile devices ?