Physics Sub-Stepping

Could you post a more extensive example?

Hi Ori, I have a question: Do you think it is possible, to substepping physic with a constant delta time, and at the end interpolate the left over time? (just used in this frame, discard it and recalculate in next update).

How do you enable substepping and tie it to an update now? This no longer works, the BodyInstance->GetPxRigidBody(); is always nullptr and the bound function CustomPhysics() is never called. Yeah, substepping is enabled in project settings -> physics.

Epic please document this properly.

Enable Physic Simulation for body component. CustomPhysics should be called. For Actor, better use this function for Actors::Tick, we had some artifacts using it in Component.

Can I enable and disable sub-stepping dynamicly? I have throwing logic where enemy can throw FPP Character on ragdoll and everything looks fine if there is no frame drop. I want to use sub-stepping only when this situation occure, not on default because i want to save CPU usage on other stuff.

I made a tutorial here about making a fixed timestep, that might be the thing you people are missing :slight_smile:

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Hey is there any chance you could send me those files? Thank you!