Physics simulation stops abruptly (gif)

Hello, I have this simple chain constructed with physics constraints. It simulates physics correctly, but the simulation stops abruptly at some point:

You can see that the first 3 chains stop at the same time, while the last one simulates a little longer until the sudden stop.
They all have the same constraint settings.
Do you have any idea why it behaves this way? Thanks!

You could try setting the Sleep Family to sensitive or custom.


Thanks, I’ll look for this option and see if it helps.
Your image sleep.JPG doesn’t load.

Update: Settings the sleep family to Sensitive increases the time of the simulation. It still stops quite suddenly after a while, but it’s enough for my case. Maybe the Custom option combined with some other tweaks can increase the simulation time even more.
Thank you!

No Problem :wink:

The simulation has a maximum number of iterations and a threshold for sleep.
Meaning you should be able to lower the threshold to keep the simulation running until it is actually a lot more static before it stops.
and you can increase the iterations to get a more accurate physical simulation.

Thanks for the info. Yes, I’ve also tested the Custom option with Custom Sleep Treshold Multiplier. Values like 0.01 allow to keep the simulation working for a lot longer.