Physics setup for little moveable objects - beginner

Hi, I’m trying to make an asset of low-poly medicines to sell (I’m a 3D artist, not a game developer), but here I’m testing them with problems.

Here you can see the Physics tab, and the collision boxes shown in the editor, that are auto-generated and not made by me.

When I step on them with the buddy, they get tossed away like bullets, and also him gets tossed somewhere else, or it shakes around on them until the object or him gets tossed away.

I would like to understand how to get an effect of a smooth healthy collision that just moves the objects around instead of tossing.
If I increase the Mass in Kg, they don’t get tossed away so much but the buddy vibrates on them. I haven’t changed anything of the default buddy…

What to do? Are the collision boxes “not applied” or something? Since I can see the capsule one for the buddy in the viewport, but not the ones of the medicine.