Physics rolling ball position frame-glitch. [See video]

Hi there!

I am transporting my game from Unity to Unreal. I am now working for a short while with Unreal. I ran into this problem that I just can’t figure out!

Look at the video that i recorded. At some points the ball is just glitching once every few seconds, especially when it gains more speed.
It seems to be pushed down or sideways for one frame and then reset to correct position.
For this game it is really important to have a smooth motion. I have tried all that I can think of.

The ball’s velocity is increased by an addforce.
The ball is locked on it’s Y axis and X+Z rotation axis. Turning this off didn’t help.
It has a physics material, but removing this doesn’t help either.

It seems that the physics are sometimes calculated after the screen update or something, I am abit clueless here. I would really appreciate some ideas for a fix, cause I am going abit crazy over this.

Thanks in advance!

I have a Bp that auto moves on the char nut i think if you use the nature of my bp and changed up a little bit you dont have the problems any more
I hop this wil help you

That it starts when pressing a buttons i wil give you a screen shot

Zo if you change the start event whit the keybindings you made it wood fix it I hop i heltp you a bit

First of all, I can hardly understand your spelling. Secondly I don’t see how this solves any problems?! Why would I add a local offset when just the physics update is going forth and back at some times?