Physics question, 2d, help please

Ok so i am creating a game where the player drags objects around up and down and left and right with the mouse and those are like candy ramps, and the player needs to click certain objects like(clouds) to make them to dissapear, and the goal is to get the pizza to the alien(green slimey like blob looking creature) within 4 minutes and 30 seconds, now i even have a restart level option and timer and level failed popup object, but i still also need a level select screen with worlds and levels and stars, for the game of “Feed The Alien Pizza” i have a main menu and a story board, but i need to have a level select with 50 levels in each 10 worlds, so 500 levels. So i have tried everything with other programs but i am stuck with the level select feature and dragging obstacles around the playing during live playing time, the less time they finish the level in the greater the chance of getting all 3 stars for that level, but i want the level to be replayable and exitable on replay without losing data. :slight_smile:

come on its atleast a original game idea, i am not copying anyone here, all i am asking for is a little help with my project, i tell you what i will sweeten the deal, all those who help get a place in the credits, the game sells for $5 on windows 8 store you all get 15% of the profits provided you get a name in the credits and that will only happen if you help me out here, I promise…

That is a lot of questions right off the bat.

While I have no idea on how to answer any of them I would say you should break them down into more manageable peices first.

Focus on the basic foundations of the game first. So for example, moving objects around the level. It doesn’t matter how many world’s or levels you have if the game isn’t actually there.
So tackle that one first.

Maybe find a more specific forum to ask a well. For example are you working in C++ or Blueprints? You’re more likely to get an answer for specific questions like that there.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, good luck with your game.

I am using blueprints, i already have a main menu, physics engine, goal for my game.
Its a work in progress, i found that other forums, and engines were useless until i came accross this miracle of a engine(unreal engine) best of all it was free.

Come on guys is there no one who can help out here? please…

For draging stuff around during playtime there is an good blueprint tutorial by TJ Ballard here. For the level select stuff, I would use trigger events attached to the open level node.

In the future you will get a better and faster response if you seperate you paragraphs. Something like:

*Simplified explination that dosn’t need us to understand you game to gain clarification on the questions.

Question 1
Question 2*

thank you, also my humblest appologies for my lack of grammar in my first post.

hmmmm… that could work in my 3d clone of my first game, set in outer space which is the second game.
But currently I am trying to attempt to do 2d dragging and dropping in my first game, using the cursor, but thanks
for the help, if you can help with 2d dragging and dropping, and a level select with stars and worlds.

I’ll pay you 75% of all profits made from every sale we make from selling the game, on the digital stores such as appstore
and googleplay and windows 10 store, but i may need only two art designers for sprites and textures, 64 by 64 sized sprites
120 width. 120 length. 48 height models. As for textures for models leave that to me.

the two games each will be priced at $5.45 for the first game, the second one will be $8.90 except for on the windows 10 store the prices will be extra a 35% to
the price, as for the other two stores the prices remain at $5.45 for the first game, the second one will be $8.90 so how does that sound for a deal?

Was that too much to take in? we can put it on the steam store and sell it for triple the price of windows 10 store… sound good?