Physics properties not showing up


I am having issues with mixing BP and C++. I have created a static mesh in C++ as follows:

    // static mesh component as root
    ShipMesh = CreateDefaultSubobject<UStaticMeshComponent>(TEXT("Ship Mesh"));
    RootComponent = ShipMesh;

And I have my C++ pawn as the parent of the BP class. In my BP, I set the static mesh to use from my assets, and my static mesh does have a collider set up. But in the physics section almost all of the properties are missing:

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 5.59.38 AM.png

Where are the settings for simulate physics, linear damping, angular damping, enable gravity, etc…??

I am confused as to what the issue is here. I recreated a pure BP without a C++ parent and I assigned the same static mesh and I can access the complete physics settings. I tried setting the physics properties in code like this:

    // static mesh physics
    FBodyInstance* PhysicsBody = ShipMesh->GetBodyInstance();
    PhysicsBody->bSimulatePhysics = true;
    PhysicsBody->bOverrideMass = true;
    PhysicsBody->bEnableGravity = false;
    PhysicsBody->AngularDamping = 0.8f;

This still doesn’t work since I am using thrusters and nothing works, so the physics are not being set, but it compiles just fine. I have recreated the exact same components and functionality using a pure BP with no C++ parent and it works perfectly.

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