Physics problem


I have set up a simple constraint and it works well in the editor at 120fps, when i play in standalone it doesn’t behave properly, this is obviously caused by the framerate difference

I have substepping on with the default settings, what can i do to make the constraint physics behave the same way no matter what framerate i get?


I just wanted to add that i’m using Linear Position Drive and that my constraint is used as a spring

Well, here’s a bit more info

I made a spring using Linear Position Drive that i fine tuned in the editor so so that it works as a suspension

I have fine tuned it so that my spring is fully extended and gets compressed under the player’s weight in the editor at 120 fps, at a too high fps in standalone it probably is too strong and doesn’t get compressed, at a too low fps it probably just stays down

The fine tuning had to be really precise for this to work well and look nice, having different results at varying framerates just makes this useless

Generally, you can’t. Without substepping and a really low frame rate it can go so far that physic objects fall in slow motion. Things like add force speed should remain consistent though.
When Unreal Engine support gets here you are most likely asked how exactly does it behave differently?

Someone helped me on the forums, still some input from a dev would be appreciated in case there is a better way to deal with this