[Physics] problem with attach actor to another actor (vehicle\character)

Hi i try to create enter\exit in vehicle and i want do this with attach one actor to another node, for now in character BP i disable all collision and channels and then parent it to vehicle with attach one actor to another node, but i think my character some how effect on my vehicle? or maybe not? how i can’t 100% be sure that my character only overlap but don’t do any physics action with world and vehicle, what options in Character bp i need check?

I may be wrong, but I think in most cases when you enter a vehicle in a game both the vehicle and the character are destroyed and replaced with a third character that is both the vehicle AND the character - pre-rigged to work together. When the character exits the vehicle the opposite happens. Of course this takes a nano-second so you never see it. But it sounds a whole lot easier than trying to do all the same animations AND create that blueprint.

maybe, I am new to game dev and don’t know how others do that

Yeah, you’ve got to animate the guy driving and setting that BP up the way you’re describing is a ton of work. It would still require that you create a rig with the character in the car animated doing ‘driving stuff’. It’s easier to just export that entire rig as a new character, then you can animate the character entering the car - destroy both the car and the single character - spawn the character/car thing and move on from there. Otherwise you’ll have to have animations for the character, animations for the car, probably sockets for the steering wheel/ pedals, etc. There is a post though. Right here: GTA Style Vehicle Interaction - Project File Included - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums. I don’t know how he does it but if it works…

Hi, i know this example, it simple in realization with “posess”, but from visual side it looks bad!!!, for now i create some ugly temp animation in maya and even this looks in more times better then example from above, but i have got physics problems with vehicle camera(on rotation, it collide with my character, but i disable all collision!!!) and i see little jitter on my vehicle(when i enable sub stepping physics it looks better but not ideal, i feel some micro jittering), so i don’t know this is engine has not accurate physics or maybe i am don’t disable/enable some checkbox.