Physics problem with a second capsule collision

I need to add a second capsule collision that I can rotate in my character bp because I have a crawling mechanic and the initial capsule obviously do not rotate meaning that the collision is very off. When I add another capsule collision and touch anything moveable with it then for some unknown for me reason so much force is applied that it sends things flying. I messed around with the mass of objects, collision settings, physics settings in every possible box in a character bp, even spawned sphere collision from construction script etc etc. Effect it always the same, I touch anything with this new collision component and it applies a ton of force thrashing everything it touched. How can I make it work?

Hello! It will be very complex to make it with default Character BP, because it has Capsule as Root component, so you just cant rotate capsule and keep forward Actor vector unchanged. The second thing - Character Movement is moving Capsule, so Capsule is not only mean to Actor transform, but also for Movement. Maybe it will be more practical to create your own BP, taking some parts from default one. As for collisions and forces - if you have two collision components, which block each other and which are penetrating into or overlapping each other, this generate a force to remove penetration.