Physics problem when attaching one actor to another actor

Hi there,

I have an issue with (I think) collisions of attached actors. I have two actors, one is a shape falling down, and one is some kind of armor-ring that sometimes is attached to it.
Now I want the armor-ring attached to the shape, and I want to ‘merge’ the two collision shapes.
I use ‘Attach To’ (I do it in C++ but might have well been in BP), and I set it to ‘weld’ the simulated bodies. But I don’t know how to set the collision settings correct so that it works well.
Do I have to enable physics simulation on the armor-ring?
The thing is, when i disable the physics simulations AND the collisions on the armor-ring it seems to work. The shape falls down with the armor-ring attached. but obviously the collision shape of the armor-ring is not taken into account.
When I enable collisions on the armor-ring (and physics disabled), I think the shape and the armor ring collide and it gives problems, the shape with armor shoots off in various directions.
I also tried to enable physics (and collisions) on the armor-ring, but then I don’t see the armor-ring at all.

So anyone know what the correct way of doing this? Or am I trying something impossible and should I use other methods?

Thanks a lot!

there is a way to set up custom collision channels, so the ring does not collide with the shape.
havnt tried it but heres a link