Physics pendulum - gravity, tension, velocity, acceleration vectors and pendulum angle


I am trying to create a pendulum blueprint that can present in real time the gravity, tension, velocity and acceleration vectors and the pendulum angle. Something similar to the animation in this wikipage:

I have created a pendulum using physics constrains and BSP geometry that I converted to a static mesh and I have limited the movement in only one axis (x axis).
So far it works and responds well to collisions with a projectile.

Now I want to add the aforementioned vectors and I want them to show their real values (direction and length) as the pendulum moves from one side to another.

Is there any node that I can use in order to get these vectors?

Also I thought to just use timelines and create animations for these vectors. It would not be the “real” simulation of these vectors but I am really stuck right know.

Any opinions - advises - solutions would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.