[Physics] Overlap events with BSP and best practices


I’m a brand new Unreal user, swayed over from Unreal due to the promise of better networking! I am making a projectile using Blueprints and attempting to get it’s collision settings to work the way I want. This projectile never gets blocked or pushed back by any objects, but when it hits players it should trigger an event to damage them. As well, when it hits other objects in the world (static meshes and anything else) it needs to trigger a state change. The projectile is basically a boomerang that can damage other players and is rebounded back when it hits a physical object. Here’s a video of it in Unity to clarify.

I’ve set the projectile’s collision to the OverlapAll preset. This fires events when it hits the player, but not when it hits default objects (which are set to BlockAll) or the BSP floor I have. When I set an object’s collision to the following:


it works. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any settings on BSP to modify to get it to fire the events…in fact, I couldn’t really seem to find out how BSP’s collision settings are handled at all. They seem to be hidden under the hood somewhere. Is there any way to get BSP to fire these events? As well, am I going about this the right way for the projectile I am attempting to create? If anyone needs extra information to help solve the problem let me know, since I’m not sure if there’s some settings I’ve missed somewhere.

Thanks for any help,

I ended up getting this to work, by having all my objects in the world set to BlockAll and making sure to enable Generate Overlap Events. To get BSPs to work, I selected Convert Actor to Physics Volume, and then made sure to enable Overlap Events on it too.