Physics objects in 4.22 feel weightless and unaffected by MassInKg when pushed

So I was going through trying to make a Push Block physics object.

In 4.19 - I have the object set to weigh 1500, on character colliding with the physics object he pushes it as I have seen in many tutorials. The weight feels correct, it moves slow and making the character move slow. This is how I expect it to work.

In 4.22 - I copied the project and opened it in 4.22 Same exact project - the physics block is almost weightless and gets pushed super easily. Feels super floaty - I increased MassInKg to the max it can go and it had 0 effect on the weightlessness of the physics object when the character knocked into it.

Did something happen between 4.19-4.22 that I’m not aware of with the physics/MassInKg settings?

I feel like I’m missing something.

I have tried to open the project in 4.20 and it also works fine as in 4.19…So it’d have to be something in 4.21+