Physics Objects flying around when changing camera, or loading a level


I am fighting with UE4s physics for weeks now, and i am unable to get it under control.

Simple physics objects fly around uncontrolled when:

  • “Set View Target with Blend” is used
  • A sequence is played (at the moment the camera switches)
  • A level is loaded and the loaded objects are spawned.

It is extremely frustrating and time consuming to force physic-objects back into their position, only possible by saving their initial location in an array and then relocating them after a few seconds.

I dont know where the Problem is, what causes it and how to properly fix it.

Is there any knowledge about this? (I could not find anything useful with google over the last weeks, and my current fix is “stupid” even if it works.)

Thank you.

Version: 4.17 (Going to 4.19 breaks things, so i decided to stay at 4.17)