Physics Object Falling Through Landscape

Hey Guys

I’m a little lost with this one. I have an Actor which the player can drop which enables physics on the object. The issue is, is that on some parts of my landscape it will fall through while being ok in other parts. I have included a video below of the issue. The object (flashlight) is using simple collision, the landscape has a collision thickness of 16, doesn’t matter if i change this to 32.

Just looking to get some input in regards to what might be the issue, or any ideas on what to look at.


Some times the landscape collision gets screwy like that.
I would also expect grass to dip or fall though the same spot.

You can try to fix this by resetting the landscape xy - but I wasn’t able to do this on the latest version of the engine.
it seems that command was removed.

you could try to force the collision to rebuild by using the retopologize tool on that little spot.

before you do, make a copy of the level and work on the copy.
it is entirely possible the retopologize tool will disconnect the 2 tiles of the landscape.