Physics not through object

Which Physics asset(s) would you use so I can grab an object, and pull it through a wall without crossing the wall, but that I try to get as close as possible to the pulling point ?
Physics Handle seams to make the object wiggle like hell when the grabbing object pass through the wall…

Did you use another solution ?

Hi Orion_78.

Physics handle should be what you need. If you want an object to pass through another, you can control the collision visibility using collision channels.

If this doesn’t answer your question, could you provide some reference to what it is you’re trying to achieve.



Thanks for your answer Alekann01
I dont want the object to go through, but to be as close as it physically can to the target object. Physics handle almost did the trick, but when the target object go away, the physics break.
Here is a


Ahh I see now. Unfortunately, I do not have any experience working with skeletal rigs. Hopefully, someone else can offer a solution.

Good luck!