Physics Not Activating - Matinee Movie

I want to record a matinee movie sequence but I’m having a problem. In play-in-editor the physics activate for my destructible object, the object falls and then explodes. However, they don’t activate when I start recording using matinee movie. Any idea why? Do I have to set a trigger using blueprint?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Mattyovers,

A couple of questions. For your "Matinee Actor’ in your level, does it begin when you press the PIE (Play in Editor) button?

Also, does your physics object have a trigger to make it fall?

In order for your matinee to render your physics object to fall to the ground and explode, you will need some sort of event that triggers this to happen while the camera is focused on the object.

Let me know what you need help with further or if you have further questions. Sometimes a screenshot of your set up can be helpful as well :slight_smile:


My apologies, I forgot to reply. I managed to correct the issue. Thank you for your reply!