Physics material that supports angular damping (or workaround)

Hello all,

We are making a game where we want physics objects (like a ball or whatever) to have different angular (and possibly linear) damping depending on the physical material it’s in contact with. For example, a ball rolling over a hard surface vs rolling over a sandy surface. Currently, it looks like physical materials can only override properties related to collision behavior (friction and restitution).

Does anyone know of a straightforward/cheap way to get different damping values from different surfaces into physics actors?


EDIT: Just a FYI that we were able to do what we need by just playing with friction values between the various actors and surfaces (through physical materials).


Hi Skell,
I know this is a bit old but Its what I’m trying to do and can’t work it out. Any pointers please?

I have tried Physics Materials with a high friction value but this seems to have no effect on a balls speed. Only Angular and Linear Dampening on the sphere itself seems to have an effect and I want different surfaces to slow the ball differently!