Physics material help

hello everyone. im making a rage game where the color red kills you, the color green is safe to walk on but not into. and the color blue to be 100% safe. if you die i want the player to ragdoll.
im stuck when it comes to green. i tried making a seperate physical material for the walls and the floor of green. but i dont know how to register when the player hits into the wall. is there like a way that you can line trace all around the capsule component or something. please let me know

also i should note that i dont just want the player to ragdoll only if he runs into green head on i want to make it so that if he brushes up against it, it will count as a hit.

if anyone has an idea to how i could implement this into my game please let me know. thanks :slight_smile:

It does not sound like you need to trace or use physical materials for something this:

If the division of colours is per component, this might be enough. Compare the material of the component the capsule collided against. Would that work?

If you’re after something more advanced - like physical material masks, then it’s probably a no go - I’ve yet to see it set up.