Physics issue - Invisible actor instance

Hi everyone, im having a strange issue that is making me feel just mad. Im making a side scrolling fighting game that runs in a dedicated server. I put to the characters one animation of a kick, attaching to the leg a couple of colliders. Then I put an sphere in the middle of the level as a physic actor to be kicked.

The problem is that when I kick the sphere it goes away perfectly as a physic actor should. The problem is that after my character kick the sphere and this sphere goes away, still are a some invisible instance of the sphere or of the collider of it, that is colliding when I try to pass throw it. Seems like Im kicking just the mesh, and the collider is still in the same place. Or other thought, is that im only kicking a client instance of the sphere, and is still remaining a server invisible instance of this sphere that makes me collide.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


If you run this locally I assume it all just works? Does the sphere have replication turned on?

Locally works perfectly, the problem is: the sphere is only kicked on the client side, and I can’t replicate the same movement to the server.

I can move the sphere with the capsule component of my character equal in both sides I guess that is for the Replicated Movement option, but with the kick seems to be impossible. I’m trying to set manually the position of the sphere, but I cant replicate sphere/client location to the sphere/server location. By the way, I have al replication options enabled.

Some screenshots of what im working around in the sphere blueprint:

I have the answer! Seems that Skeletal Mesh wasn’t animated at the dedicated server side, thats why my collider attached to the foot bone never change the location, and never makes any collision at the server side. This issue is solved just setting the “Mesh Component Update Flag” to “Always Tick Pose and Refresh Bones” in the Mesh options of your character. By the way, I get the answer thanks to this post: Does AnimMontage play on a dedicated server for the purpose of collisions? - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums