Physics Interaction


Can someone help me in achieving the following -

Edit - I’m sorry. I realized I did not put my question correctly. By “not getting pushed back”, I actually wanted to ignore the physics interactions.

Let me explain what I am trying to achieve with an example -

A man is running on a Train in the Right Direction at 10 KM/HR
The Train is moving in Left Direction at 5 KM/HR

Thus, the relative velocity of the man will become "10 - 5 = 5 km/hr towards the right"

I want the man to keep running in the Right direction at 10 KM/HR ignoring the forces applied by the train.

SImply checking off the “Enable Physics Interaction does not work”

Is it possible to achieve this? Can someone help?

Thank you in advance.

Im new to this engine as well but i would say get rid of the negative value by using a key pressed +1 value And i would mess with the collision to stop the object as it hits your character avoiding being pushed? It depends on how your game works before you could define that…no collision would make it go straight through so u obviousely want something to stop when it hits your char? Either the object or your char or the whole platform? Either way collision will achieve that.

Kindly check my edited question. I did not put my question correctly before and thank you for replying.

I got what I wanted to achieve using some knowledge of relative speed and some unorthodox tinkering