Physics Interaction With Motion Controller

Hey Unreals!

I’m trying to do an interaction with Motion Controllers and Physics Objects that are constrained in some way but I’m having problems with that.

One Example of what I mean, ON THIS GIF:

Other Examples:

  • A Door with Physics Behaviour that is constrained to rotate over vertical axis, but that I can grab with the Motion Controller and rotate it.
  • A chest cover that I grab to open. It has physics, so if I release it it will close.
  • something haning on a rope that I move but it still is hanging there

I tried to solve this by using PhysicsHandle and grabbing the PhysicsObject (or component) in the point there I put my hand, but it’s not working accuratelly and it’s far from a nice effect.

Maybe I’m missing an easier way to do this?


Has any figured out how to do something like this? im trying to make a simple door but proving to be difficult …