Physics Interaction Throws Off Actor Rotation

I’m building a prototype for my game using the ThirdPerson Template. I removed the camera so its stationary and doesn’t move. It doesn’t follow the player. I modified the player to run around. I also have a ball actor. It bounces around as expected when I run into. Its’ almost like soccer.

I have noticed that when I collide with the ball and step over the ball it throws off the rotation. When the game starts I have it setup to move up or north when I press up on the thumb-stick which away from the camera. When I press down or south the player moves closer to the camera. Left and right are left and right.

When I collide with the ball and specifically step over it I notice it throws off the rotation. When I press up it goes in another direction. Diagonal. So something is happening when I kick that ball. I don’t know if it is the collision or physics.

I’m not too familiar with physics but I thought I’d ask because I haven’t had any success. I tried locking the rotationXYZ in the physics tab I believe and that didn’t work. How do I turn it off?

Thanks in advance.