Physics impulse causing component to detach

I am trying to “push” a component on the front of my spaceship and was hoping that the physics would drag the rest of the ship behind it correctly. Instead the front of the ship becomes detached and flies off by itself leaving the main part of the ship behind.

I’ve only been playing with UE for a few days so i’m very new to how this works, but I can’t see why this component would detach after having force applied.

Can someone suggest how I could keep the skeletal mesh attached to the sphere after its been pushed?


Thanks ill check it out

You will have to check the first person shooter project to see how it is done.

i think the problem is that your adding the impulle to the sphere, which is a child of the blueprint, children can move freely, but if you move a parent, the children will move with it (which i think is what your going for). the defualt mesh cannot be moved, i sometimes call it a dummy mesh because there are times where its unusable(if you look at the first person character blueprint, it isnt used, they add a second one) id recommend making a second static or skeletal mesh component, moving your ships mesh to that one, update all references in your blueprint to the new mesh compoennt, just leave the regular mesh empty, then make the mesh a child of the sphere, then it will move with it.