Physics Handled object suddenly stops moving

Here’s a video: UE 4 - Physics Handle freeze/lag - YouTube

I’m grabbing object using Physics Handle, everything is fine when I move my character OR mouse. When I stop for a while object location is hard freezed on screen (as you can see on video). To be more clear, when I drop item its location is updated.

I use mouse events to achieve this.

Things I noticed while debugging:

1. It only occurs when handling a destructive mesh object which is dragged - has enabled simulated physics.

2. Big objects (e.g. cubes) whom rotate a lot are immune to this (continuous movement)

3. Objects with disabled gravity are immune as long as they move (are not stopped by e.g. wall).

And blueprint screens:




Or you can use “Wake Rigid Body” node (before moving a bone). You can specify bone name in it.
You can use “Add impulse at location” also.